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!I am NOT the one who uploads the files. I just meet on the internet and I share with you. If the links eventually go offline, I will NOT be able to re-link to another server. Thank you!

  • Free Games is an independent website, which translates and distributes free games found on the internet for various ages.
  • Free Games, as the name indicates, publishes video games as well as free testing. Including funding support for projects.
  • There are probably a lot of errors English pages.
  • We are just a group trying to publicize the media and information on games that can be

-Giveaways (Keys and Games Free)
-Free Games (Alpha, Beta and Prototype)
-Retro Games (Patch, Hack, Mod, Cancelled and Unseen)
-Sign-up Games
-And More

  • We work at Free Games in our spare time.
  • We do not have much free time.
  • We do the best we can with our limited free time.
  • We do not host any video, image, game or any other material protected by copyright, on any server, own or others, only aggregate the links of videos, games and pictures available on other websites.
  • All content available on the Web.
  • This site is hosted in a country that does not have effective legislation against copyright but respect the producers and if requested the removal of certain DO WILL content, provided it is established that in fact you are the owner or have a power of attorney or legal document for that.
  • Patch translated, mod and hack, posted on the site are free. If you paid for these patches, please ask to return the money. They are made by fans and want to be shared.
  • To request content removal please visit our contact page and send us a message. We will as soon as possible.