Nemesis 3 (MSX2) – Retro Patch Download

Nemesis 3 is a side-scrolling shooter game. Released originally in 1988-1989 this Shoot em up was developed and published by Konami exclusively for the MSX as the sequel to the epic game of Gradius and a spin off to Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou.

Check out what this patch brings:

  • Smooth screen scrolling
  • TurboFIX routine (original routine by FRS)
  • New player ships GFX by Toni Galvez who also did amazing new Intro, ship menu, and in-game graphics.
  • Voice Set (SCC in other slot/subslot) by WYZ/ARTRAG.
  • New Voice SET with better sound quality and a lot of new voices.
  • You can have the ROM of the game and the other SCC for Voice SET in the same slot expander.
  • You can insert the other SCC “in hot” in the INI screen and it’ll be detected.
  • Compatible with the double SCC mode in Flashjacks
  • DrumFIX by WYZ
  • Enables the TURBOCPU in PANASONIC TR & 2+
  • In pause mode -> extra options:
    – F2 key: In pause-> change player ship GFX
    – F3 key: In pause-> change gameplay speed
    – F4 key: In pause-> change Invincible mode
  • Joymega support:
    – START button: Pause
    – A button: Continue, extend game
    – X button: In pause-> change player ship GFX
    – Y button: In pause-> change gameplay speed
    – Z button: In pause-> change Invincible mode
  • Selectable at boot: Language, VDP freq., invincible…

You need the IPS or BPS program. Please see the tab applications if available.

You need the original ROM to patch “Nemesis 3 (RC-764) enhanced Version 1.02”

Recommended Emulator for MSX2

Acess to download (further information)

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